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Agriculture Knowledge and Information Center (AKIC)

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Technical and Applied Research Center (TARC)

The Technical and Applied Research Center (TARC) is a part of the scientific research centers of the Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie (PTUK). TARC was founded in 2009, and it includes an outstanding research team, composed of a number of researchers (having Doctorate, Master and Bachelor degrees) in different fields of specialty. TARC has different Research Units and is presently working on establishing other ones. These Research Units (the ones that are already established and the ones under planning) are responsible for multi-service targets with respect to different areas of concern, including agriculture, biotechnology, biodiversity, biomedical, food security, nutrition and food technology, water- and waste-water resources management, environmental issues (air, soil and water pollution and quality monitoring; and solid- and fluid-waste management), natural resources protection, climate change, renewable energy resources and technologies, toxicology, seismology and others, with the goal of sustainable development in the Palestinian Society. Despite the short age of TARC, a considerable progress has been made, with respect to its working team (including its administration, researchers, research assistants and technicians), as well as its accomplishments. These accomplishments include, to mention just a few, establishing research laboratories, publishing research papers in peer-reviewed journals, organizing and sponsoring international and domestic conferences, workshops and symposiums, and contributing to other similar activities, dealing with agricultural, biotechnological, water, wastewater reuse, energy, environmental issues, and others. Also, TARC has been conducting research projects, some of which are funded by the University (PTUK) itself and others are funded by national and international organizations. In addition, TARC, as the cornerstone of the research and development programs at the University, has signed some Cooperation Agreements with local, national and international institutions, with respect to joint research and community-service activities.

TARC vision

TARC has its own vision and strategy which go hand-in-hand with the policies andmissions of the Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie (PTUK), serving the research and development programs and the academic and societal objectives of the University, and offering consulting, technical and professional services to the local communities and the Palestinian society.

TARC objectives: 


1.Conducting applied and technical research for the benefit of academia, industry,  economy, and policy- and strategy-makers, as well as the community. 

2.Publishing the established research in refereed and peer-reviewed journals and books, and/or presenting that research at specialized conferences, symposiums and workshops, locally, nationally and internationally. 

3.Organizing and carrying out specialized conferences, workshops and symposiums, and also participating in other research and development activities organized by other institutions.

4.Transferring and developing technology and techniques and testing their suitability and adaptation.

5.Enhancing the scientific and professional cooperation between PTUK and national and international institutions (governmental and nongovernmental – academic and scientific research institutions, etc.).

6.Optimizing scientific research results and technology development.

7.Providing consultancy services to the community, based on sound knowledge and scientific research conducted in the field and in specialized laboratories.


Biotechnology Lab

Water and Environment Lab

Al Maqdisi Lab

Electrical Power Lab

Nanotechnology Lab