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  department of supervision and steering

 The importance of this department lies in the significant role it plays in the students'  academic lives. This role incorporates handling students' problems, and fostering a social, psychological, behavioral  foundation which in turn will help  the university students build a distinguished personality that will contribute to building the Palestinian Society. The goals of this department could be summarized like the following.  

•Running workshops and programs concerning problems and misbehaviors common among the university students.  
•Designing any programs which are vital to offer and necessary services. 
•Cooperating with the professional steering committee set up guidance and supervision programs. 
•Assisting the university students to develop sound social relationships on the university campus.
•Handling any adaptation problems and helping students overcome them. 
•Following up students frequent unexcused absences with the students' departments.
•Carrying out any necessary surveys to help the students who may be in need for any financial support such as loans and grants. 
•Answering the students' inquires about educational programs,  study plans ----etc.  
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Deanship of Student Affairs -  Department of Supervision and steering- Student Services Building Second Floor (Ex) 441

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