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 Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie is your best choice to a better way to future……. But Why?
The university introduces unique programs every year as well as follows an advanced educational system.
Students benefit from the unique advantages of a prestigious degree in technical and technological specializations with excellent opportunities for work that bridge the gap between education and labor market needs as well as benefit from grants and exemptions.
The university reinforces its students’ thinking skills and innovation through an active environment. 
Higher Education employees children pay only 50% of the tuition fees.
The university has built strong relations with international universities through unique partnerships and MOUs.
The only university which grants incentives for Tawjihi students with 90% and over.
The university charges a nominal tuition fees ( 24 JD for Engineering Programs, 20 JD for Sciences, Arts and Economy programs and 10 JD for Diploma programs).

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