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Undergraduate Research and Innovation Conference in Engineering and Information Technology
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Under the Patronage of His Excellency Prof. Rami Al-Hamdallah

Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie Presents:

Second Undergraduate Research and Innovation Conference in

Engineering and Information Technology,  2nd-3rd April, 2017


Conference Brief

The Palestine Technical University – Kadoori has made innovation an overarching theme in the university learning environment, especially in engineering and information technology, and has placed special emphasis on cultivating the research capacity of its students early on especially in relation to students graduation projects. This stems from the belief that engaging students at an early stage in the actual process of research and innovation would increase their job opportunities and enhance their capacity to engage in entrepreneurial activities and to undertake the creation of new business opportunities.

In this context, the university also established a student mobility program with some leading universities including North Carolina State University, University of California, Middle East Technical University, and University of Manchester. These programs have provided a number of our students with an opportunity to engage in serious research activities in the host universities under the mentorship of distinguished professors in various areas of engineering.

An expatriate scientists and technologists lecture series known as WAKIB has been launched through which our students and faculty get acquainted with the research activities of some leading expatriate scholars in relevant disciplines.

The university has also established an incubator in partnership with PICTI and the Tulkarm Chamber of Commerce. The incubator allows a number of merit based selected projects to receive technical, financial and business support.  Kadoorie students who have participated in various local and regional platforms and competitions have consistently received outstanding recognition for their innovative projects and ideas especially in engineering and technology,

In order to cultivate and mainstream creative, flexible and effective teaching and learning approaches within its education delivery system, the university has set up a center for Educational Innovation.

This conference is intended to offer a space for the presentation and showcasing of students’ innovative projects from various Palestinian universities and to engender a conversation between natural stakeholders on various aspects of innovation, especially in the context of a university. It will also expose students from various Palestinian universities to the research work of a select number of distinguished guest speakers from abroad. 







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