The Admission and Registration unit is a central point in the student registration process. It is also responsible for the safe keeping of all students’ records, from the day they are admitted to the university till the day of their graduation.

The unit also hosts records of the study plans of all award programs in the university; whether at the diploma, degree or master level.

With the increase in the number of students joining the university every year, the unit had sought to develop its services (to the students’ community) by introducing an advanced computerized registration system (The Portal). This is to enable students to register electronically. The system has already been tested and is now in full operation.



Our Goals:

  • Use the best methods for selecting and admitting new students to the University.
  • Provide full guidance to students so they register correctly and follow the study plan of their chosen program that leads to graduate within the designated study period.
  • Providing advice and academic guidance to students.
  • Develop the registration system and simplify the admission procedures.
  • Keep students records updated and accessible by the students so they can follow up on their academic progress, to ensure graduation is within the time period specified by the program.
  • Keep students’ academic data, updated and documented.