Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie hosted toady a Dutch team from Kiitos Technologies to discuss its Talent Acceleration Program, that is funded by the Dutch Government, and make a step towards collaboration between the two institutions in combined missions of creating opportunities for the young Palestinian graduate students.

The team’s visit also aimed at discussing potential partnership between the two parties within TAP program, which is run by Kiitos and joins graduate students from international and Arab countries including Palestine, Germany, and the UK.

The visiting team introduced a brief about the program explaining the future chances that the students will have, including technical training in the fields of computer engineering, computer sciences, and information technology reaching up to 24 months creating real job opportunities inside or outside their organization.

In this context, the University staff welcomed the idea of the program expressing the university’s readiness to study and look forward to establishing collaboration between the two institutions within the framework of the Faculty of Cooperative Education giving the students wide-range chances to develop their specialties’ skills and backgrounds.