Kadoorie University … New Innovation to Evaluate Olive Oil Quality


Kadoorie Agricultural Research Center (KARC) developed a new way based on visible and infrared spectroscopy as an optical sensor to evaluate the quality of the olive oil.


This scientific achievement is referred to the associate professor Dr. Nawaf Abu-Khalaf, a lecturer at the Kadoorie’s Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, in cooperation with Dr. Mohammad Himdat from Al Reef for Investment and Agricultural Marketing.


The scientific research was funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and has been published in the Computers and Electronics in Agriculture having a 3.171 impact factor, which is a highly classified journal in the International Elsevier Publishing House.


“The research results have shown us that we can use infrared spectroscopy to evaluate and classify the quality of the Palestinian olive oil,” Abu-Khalaf briefed.


“This helps the specialists to carry measuring, evaluating mobile devices to control the quality of the olive oil in the olive fields and in the olive oil presses, giving rise to linking the University’s scientific research with the needs of the local community,” he added.


Posted on

May 12, 2020