The Scholar “Jihad Asaad”, A Distinctive Reviewer at an International Journal and A Member at an Editorial Board in Another

The Professor Jihad Asaad, a scholar in the Physics Department at Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, has recently obtained a certificate of the distinctive reviewer prize 2019 from the Physica Scripta, which is a world-class journal within ISI and Scopus having a 2.151 impact factor and already approved by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The researcher has also been placed a member in the Editorial Board at the International Experimental Results Journal, which is regularly issued by the Publishing House of the Cambridge University Press in the field of physics and astronomy.

For his part, the University President Prof Nouraldin Abu Al-Rob praised the performance of the scholar  commending his outstanding contribution to the leverage of the university status academically and scientifically.

He stated that the university has drawn its strategies and policies to deeply enhance the research capacities of its faculty staff at all levels.

It is worth mentioning that Prof Jihad Asaad is one of the excellent, distinctive researchers at Kadoorie University in terms of scientific publications and quotations having more than 50 research papers in the Scopus site, which have been referred to more than 570 times.

He has recently published two new research papers: “The fractional features of a harmonic oscillator with position-dependent mass Communications in Theoretical Physics, Volume 72, Number 5 (2020),” co-authored with the Romanian scholar “Dumitru Baleanu” and with two other Iranian scholars: Amin Jajarmi and Samaneh Sadat, and published in the Communications in Theoretical Physics  Journal (IF: 1.416).

The second research paper: “Numerical aspects of two coupled harmonic oscillators An. S¸t. Univ. Ovidius Constant¸a. Vol. 28(1),2020, 5–15,” which has been published in the Analele Universitatii “Ovidius” Constanta – Seria Matematica Journal (IF: 0.638)

The membership in the Editorial Board can be found at:

First research paper:

Second research paper:


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May 4, 2020