A team from Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie have been placed second in the Environmental Oratory Competition that was organized by the Emirates Environmental Group EEG in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.


The winning, which included the speaker-students: Mahmoud Damiri, Waseem Abu Shams, Ghada Haj, Eman Hannoun, and the Dean of Students Affairs, Dr. Alaa Issa, through the university’s participation in an oratory presentation on “Balancing the Three Pillars of Sustainability” topic in the world after the pandemic.


The University President, Prof. Nouraldin Abualrob commended the students’ achievements at the local and international levels, stressing that the State University incubates elite outstanding students in the scientific, research and cultural fields.


He also highly signified the accumulation of the alike achievements and the maximization of others in terms of quality and quantity worldwide.