المؤتمر الفلسطيني السادس للتوجهات الحديثة في الرياضيات والفيزياء

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 Plenary Speakers


Name Institution/University Title
Michael Berry Bristol  Nature’s optics and our understanding of light
 Giorgio Paolucci Scientific DIRECTOR OF SESAME SESAME: an opportunity for science in the Middle East
 Matteo Rini  Editor of the American Physical society, USA    Science Communication: Take Charge of it


Main Speakers


Name Institution/University Title
Ulrich Eckern Augsburg Spin-polarized transmission through correlated heterostructures
Jens Harting Verbundene Einrichtungen Separation and assembly of colloidal particles by capillary, magnetic and electrostatic forces
 Ahmad Hujeirat Heidelberg What was before the big Bangand why are black holes incompatible with our habitable universe 
Ruedi Seiler Technische Universität Berlin Compression of Quantum Strings a la Shannon
Aneta Stefanovska Lancaster Phase dynamics – Theory and applications




Name Institution/University Title
Maisam Abdallah AAUJ Optical Conduction at The ZnS/GaSe Interfaces
Tamara Abed AAUJ Optical conduction in CdS nanosandwiched with Yb metal
Khadija Abu_libdeh Birzeit Investigating the protein-solvent non-bonded energy interactions in the THz range for BLIP protein, using a recurrence plot based Wiener Khinchin method
Salem Abu Musleh Palestine Promising Mathematics Techniques For Advanced Nuclear Aspects
Kholoud Abushaar IUG Optimization Design of Solar Cell Based on Silver Nanoparticles
Hazem Abu Sara Birzeit Shape evolution in even-even nuclei with Z = 36-44 isotopic chains using covariant density functional theory
Sami Aljaber (invited) An Najah On The Dynamics of Transition of a Classical System to Equilibrium state
Qotaiba Alkarem AAUJ Impedance Spectroscopy and Temperature Dependent Structural Properties of La-Doped Bi1.5Zn0.92Nb1.5O6.92 Pyrochlore Ceramics
Mahmoud Ali An Najah The Magnetization of Single GaAs Quantum Dot with Gaussian Confinement
Mazen Alshaaer Prince Sattam Bin Abdul-Aziz University ,SA Preparation and characterization of bone scaffold
Mahmoud Alstaty CERN CPPM of Aix-Marseille  Commissioning of the ATLAS Pixel Detector at Run 2 of the LHC and Search for Supersymmetric Particles with Two Same-Sign Leptons or Three Leptons in the Final State
Manar Amer An Najah study of the characteristics of the converted photons ed by the B^{0} - K^{*0} e^{} e^{-} analysis
Rami Amro PTUK Effect of Noise on Spontaneous and Response Dynamics of Sensory Hair Cells
Jihad Asad PTUK Two- Point Resistance on the Infinite Square Network
Karam Awawdeh PTUK Indoor Radon-222 Concentration Levels Measurements in Buildings at Palestine Technical University-Kadoorei During the Winter of 2016
Falah Awwad UAEU Towards the Design Fabrication and Characterization of Hg2 Sensors based on Graphite Oxide and Metalic
Rula Bakeer Birzeit The equation of state of low and intermediate nuclear matter with low and medium clusters up to A =50
Imad Barghouthi (invited) Al Quds Friction and diffusion coefficients for Coulomb collision in drifting bi-Maxwellian plasmas
Imad Barhumi UAEU Distributed Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Resource Allocation in Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks
Allan Daraghmeh An Najah Impact of binder concentration and pressing force on performance of symmetric CNFs based supercapacitors
Nidal Dwaikat KFUPM Application of CR-39 Microfilm for Rapid Discrimination between Alpha-Particle Sources
Ferdinand Evers Regensburg Transport in clean and disordered quantum wires: KKZ criticallity and creepy flows
Mahmoud Farout Lancaster Fluctuations in the resting membrane potential of jurkat T lymphocytes
Muna Hajyahya An Najah Electrical Properties of MWCNTs Nanocomposites in Microwave Frequency Range
Iyad Hashlamon PPU A constraint quaternion extended Kalman filter 
Eshtiaq Hijaz An Najah The Magnetic Properties of GaAs Double Quantum Dots in a Magnetic Field
Hikmat Hilal (invited) An Najah Stable nano-film electrodes with high solar energy conversion by charge transfer catalysis
Ahmad Hujeirat Heidelberg Compare
Ahmad Idilbi Palestine Effective Field theories and QCD observables
Raed Jaradat An Najah Elastic and thermodynamic properties of Alkali Hydrides XH (X= K, Rb and Cs)
Rabab Jarrar PTUK Binary and Ternary Mixtures of Eicosane with Fatty Alcohols and Fatty Acids as Phase Change Material for Building Applications
Wala Jubeh Al Quds Hypergeometric Function Representation of Transport Coefficients for Drifting Maxwellian and Drifting bi-Maxwellian Plasmas
Roland Lombard IPN Complex potentials with real eigenvalues and the inverse problem
Aquib Moin UAEU A multi-wavelength study of Gamma-Ray Bursts GRBs: The Cosmic Origins of GRBs & GRB-Gravitational Waves-Binary Black Hole Connection
Ishaq Musa PTUK Synthesis characterization and optical investigation of  ZnO nanorods
Tajweed Nairat An Najah The Effect of Heating on Rheological Properties of Sesame Oil
Eman Nazzal AAUJ Thermally controlled electrical switching and band filtering features of  Ga2S3 films sandwiched with indium nanolayers
Olfat Omareya AAUJ Post Annealing Effects on the Structural Properties of InSe Nanosandwiched with Au Layer
Khawla Qamhiyeh Al Quds Electrostatic interactions between cationic dendrimers and anionic membrane
Zeid Qamhiyeh An Najah Hexavalent Ions Sorption on Bentonite Clay
Atef Qasrawi AAUJ Transport Mechanisms in CdS/Sb2Te3 Tunneling Heterojunction Devices
 Talat S. Rahman (invited) Central Florida Manipulating properties of 2D materials: old stuff with new promises
Talat S. Rahman Central Florida Multiple excitations, excited states, and ultrafast charge dynamics in functional materials: theory meets 
Hanan Saadeh Jordan Towards Aerosol Analysis at the PIXE-RBS Beamline in the University of Jordan Van de Graaff Accelerator JUVAC
Sufyan Shehada AAUJ Fabrication and Characterization of Wide Band Photoconductor Array
Maram Taleb AAUJ Quantum Mechanical Tunneling and Correlated Barrier Hopping Mechanisms in ZnSe
Theraa Tork An Najah Tracking performance of ATLAS Inner Tracker ITK
Franz-Josef Ulm MIT Is Al-Quds a Crystal or a Liquid? – Urban Physics for Resilience and Sustainability of Cities
Asmaa Yaseen PTUK The Effects of Magnetic and Electric Fields on Donor Impurity States in GaAs Quantum Dot
Othman Zalloum PPU Formation of and Light Emission  silicon-rich silicon oxide SRSO and oxygen-rich silicon oxide ORSO doped with Er Tb or Ce: A Review




Name University/Institution Title
Mays Abdalghafoor AAUJ Temperature dependent deformation in BZZN pyrochlore ceramics
Tasnim Abdallah NNU Performance Study of Inner Tracker ITK in ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider LHC at CERN
Shatha Abualrub AAUJ Optical and Temperature dependence characteristic of the In-Mg stacked films
Hadeel Aloushi AAUJ Monitoring the Crystallization process in Selenium films
Batool Asaad AAUJ Design of the ZnS/CdSe heterojunctions
Amal Atari NNU Identification of Water Pollutant content in Nablus District using FTIR Microspectroscopy
Masa Daraghmeh AAUJ Analysis of the conductance and capacitance spectra in Au/MoO3/C devices
Areen Hamarsheh AAUJ Identification of the structural phases in TlInS2 doped with Selenium
Shaymaa Hussein NNU Constraints on cosmic strings using gravitational waves data
Nouf Ibrahim AAUJ Temperature effects on the optical properties of Ga2S3 thin films
Hadi Khaliliyyah PTUK Numerical Solution of the equation of motion of a particle moving in a rotatinfgparabola 
Alaa Kmail AAUJ Effects of annealing on the structural and optical properties of  copper oxide thin films
Alaa Murrar Al – Quds University Brownian Dynamics simulations for Complexation of DNA with Nano-Cationic dendrimers
Haifa Kmail AAUJ Effect of Transparent Indium on the dielectric properties of MoO3 films
Haifaa Kmail AAUJ optical and dielectric dispersions in MoO3 films
Reham Kmeil AAUJ Optical Properties  of the In2Se3/CuO Heterojunctions
Noorhan Mohammad PTUK The effects of light intensity on day and night shift nurses- Health performance
Sarah Najar AAUJ Optimisation Of Refractive Index Of Selenium By Fresnels Equations And Swanepoel Technique
Hend Shahed NNU Characterization of Palestinian Soil Samples Using FTIR Microspectroscopy 
Nehal Yahyah NNU Heat Capacity and Entropy of Donor Impurity in Quantum Dot with Gaussian Confinement
Hadeel Zyood AAUJ ZnSe/MoO3 heterojunction and their characterization