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Foreword the Editor

  On behalf of Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, I am pleased to introduce the first issue of “Palestine Technical University Research Journal” (PTURJ), which materialized by the relentless efforts of the university academic staff.

The theme of PTURJ is "Innovation through Research". The aim is to give researchers from various local universities and different countries the opportunity to publish their latest research findings and exchange views, in an effort to achieve better cooperation in the future. Innovation is very important for success in the global economy that we are becoming a part of it. Research is very crucial to give us a competitive edge within the current global economy. It is the engine that drives economic growth.

In the 21st century, technology development and engineering research will be critical to Palestine’s position in the global economy. The globalization of economy poses several challenges, while our nation strives to provide education, environmental protection, and public health and safety; for all its citizens. The key goal of improving the quality of life is our utmost concern as academics and researchers.

Research has the capacity, through the creation of new products and processes, to play a dominant role in meeting that goal. Through the translation of scientific knowledge and technology development, research can result in products and processes for the marketplace. I hope that some of the research findings here will be commercialized so as to contribute directly towards greater economic growth.

Once again, I would like to congratulate the journal team and I hope all the researchers will have a very beneficial and intellectually-stimulating research.


Dr. Saed Mallak,

PTURJ editor-in-chief,

Palestine technical University