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More than 65% of PTUK students benefit from one form of financial aid or another. Many students also benefit from student loans (with 0% interest) provided by the ‘loan fund for students of higher education institutions in Palestine’.

High achieving students also receive financial aid by PTUK’s own grant scheme, which was originally approved by the President of the University. Newly registered students, with high grades in their secondary school achievement exams also receive financial grants in the form of a fee-waiver which continues as long as the student remains above a certain GPA.

 Grants and exemptions in PTUK are provided by the following funds:

– Needy Student Fund

– PTUK own fund

– Grants and External Scholarships

– Lending fund for students of higher education institutions in Palestine

– Student loans


List of approved grants and exemptions and general conditions:

Financial settlement for student loans

Important notes for student exemptions

Lending Fund for Students of Higher Education Institutions in Palestine

Needy Student Fund

PTUK own fund


How to apply

The student’s may find the application forms together with relevant details of the scholarship he/ she is interested in by visiting the Student Grants webpage:

Completed forms with relevant documents should be submitted to the Students Grants Section before the announced deadline for the scholarship.