University Council

The University Council is considered as one of high governing bodies of the university. Its membership include the university president (as the chairperson), his deputies, all university academic and administrative deans, and representatives of civil society organizations as well as a number of local government officials.

Powers and responsibilities of the Council:


The council directs and upholds the academic and administrative advancement of the university. It deals with any major difficulty faced by the university, especially in exceptional circumstances

The University Council shall also considers the general appellate cases submitted to it by the Council of Deans to take appropriate decisions on.

It is within the University Council’s power to make decisions related to the following areas:

Suspend the study process in the university for any length of time when necessary.

Follow up the work of the committees emanating from the Council.

Follow up on the work of (emergency) disciplinary committees, in accordance with the regulations in force.

Discuss reports issued by Student Affairs, issued in unusual circumstances.

Consider, examine and take appropriate decisions on issues related to public order events that hinder the academic process within the university, especially in emergency situations.

Consider, examine and take appropriate decisions on general appeals submitted to it by the Council of Deans.

Consider, examine and take appropriate decisions on major emergency issues, which require immediate and quick decisions.


Board Meetings:

Normal meetings:  The University Council meets normally twice a year.

Emergency meetings: The President of the University can call for the University Council meeting in an emergency at any convenient time.


Board Resolutions:

 The decisions of the University Council shall be binding on all members present and absent.