Planning, Development and Quality


The Department of Planning, Studies and Projects has evolved to its current situation through the last two decades. After the accreditation of Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie as the first Technical State University in Palestine, The department took its role as the main body for strategic planning in all aspects.

The main tasks are to develop short, mid and long-term strategic and development plans, and prepare executive implementation plans for them, in line with the mission and objectives of the university.

The Department also prepares studies about certain topics and needs to pave the road towards new era of quality education.

In addition, one of the most important roles the department takes is attracting funding for different aspects either those targeting quality improvement/ learning and teaching or infrastructure and construction projects providing the innovating environment for students. The involvement of the department starts from early beginnings starting form proposal writing, funding attraction, implementation and M&E.

“Go green” was the main new big idea behind the new Master Plan Design and implementation that the department lead lately to go in line with the new strategic plan vision of the University.

Human resources capacity building, upgrading skills and adaptation of the new culture of learning and teaching were the latest targets and approaches the department headed towards. Achievements in the field could be

The Department contributes to the strengthening of relations with various donor institutions and local, regional and international universities in order to promote development in various academic and developmental areas, and always seeks to transfer what is new in various fields.

Within the approved organizational structure, the department comprises four departments, whose functions vary from strategic planning, studies, development and projects management.