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  • Wednesday, 31-01-2018

For Sons’ Better Future: PTUK President Meets the Web Network Team

The President of Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie Prof. Marwan Awartani received in his office a group of female school students, from Fatima Alzahra’ school, who are participants in a community initiative launched by the school in partnership with the university under the title: “A Web Network for a better future for our sons”.
The group delivered a presentation that included real samples of the negative and positive internet uses as well as how these effects influence the individuals and the whole community, asking a set of questions about the university’s role in disseminating the safe use of the internet in the community.
Prof Awartani praised the initiative and those who working on it, stressing the necessity to find ways of dealing with the web network and its positive and negative effects on the individuals and the community adding that it is a home for conducting studies and research with easy and modern techniques of using technology.
He also expressed the university’s readiness to provide the initiative with necessarytechnicalsupport and possibilities of using the university’s facilities to conduct particular research to determine the internet phenomenon and its effects on a particular segment of the Palestinian society and to look at means of coping with the negative effects.