Media and Public Relations Unit

  • About

    The Public Relations and Media Unit manages all responsibilities related to the media coverage news ‎reports success stories and various information materials of Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie ‎including providing monthly and annual reports on media and press coverage prepare media stories ‎that reflect students’ success stories and demonstrate its programs and projects as well as organize and ‎manage press conferences and information workshops.‎

  • Objectives

    • Continuous communication with various media outlets and direct supervision of news coverage ‎issued by the university.‎
    • Supervising all publications and publications issued by the university in coordination with the ‎relevant authorities.‎
    • Supervising the reception of Arab and foreign official and popular delegations that visit the ‎university and accompanying them.‎
    • Supervising the organization of conferences events workshops exhibitions seminars and various ‎activities held at the university.‎
    • Supervising the university%27s website for news events and advertisements.‎
    • Direct supervision of official circulars and electronic advertisements.‎
    • Activating the university%27s social media platforms Twitter Facebook Instagram Gmail YouTube.‎
    • Supervising the issuance printing and design of the yearbook for university graduates.‎