International Relations Office

  • About

    The International Relations Office – PTUK is responsible for the communication between PTUK and other education and non-educational organizations worldwide.
    The office aims at creating and strengthening international cooperation for developing the university, its academic process and its facilities, increasing scientific research, fostering innovation and entrepreneurships, building staff and students capacities, and raising university rank worldwide.
    The office facilitates the continuous participation of university staff and students in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through experience exchange with other universities.

  • Vision

    Furthering international collaborative partnerships to raise PTUK’s visibility and reputation worldwide

  • Mission

    The International Relations Office looks forward to building partnerships with international institutions to develop the university through scientific and research collaboration cultural exchange and mobility of students and staff.

  • Objectives

    • Establishing and developing interrelationships with universities institutions NGOs diplomatic missions and donors
    • Establishing international projects and partnerships
    • Capacity building of students and staff
    • Developing university facilities
    • Modernizing academic programs and courses to cope with international educational development
    • Updating policies and procedures to cope with modern educational systems
    • Participating in the world Sustainable Development Programs (SDG-17)=