Administrative and Financial Audit Unit

  • About

    The unit was established in 2011 after the adoption of the university%27s organizational structure. The unit ‎undertakes the task of monitoring the university%27s revenues, expenses, assets, and administrative ‎decisions.‎
    The unit aims to ensure work safety and financial and ‎administrative stability in the university and to ensure ‎that the general performance is consistent with the ‎provisions of laws, regulations, bylaws, decisions, and ‎instructions in force and within their limits, and that it ‎is practiced in the best way and at the lowest possible ‎cost.‎

  • Objectives

    ‎• Ensure that the financial and administrative decisions are sound and consistent with the laws, ‎regulations, and instructions approved by the university to preserve the university%27s funds and property.‎
    ‎• Increase the work efficiency of the university.‎
    ‎• Determine financial irregularities and submit detailed reports on any financial or administrative ‎transgression.‎
    ‎• Develop financial and administrative systems by submitting proposals and recommendations.‎
    ‎•‎ Implementation of control and inspection policies to ensure enhanced ‎transparency, credibility, and clarity. ‎
    ‎•‎ Studying any case, or report that is referred or referred to the unit ‎by the administration, as the case may be.‎