Mission Vision and Core Values

Vision ‎

Palestine Technical University “Kadoorie” (PTUK) looks forward to becoming a leading state ‎university and a hub for scientific research. PTUK also seeks to serve the local community by ‎becoming a catalyst for the sustainable socio-economic development of Palestine. ‎


PTUK aims to provides high quality undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare ‎competent graduates. The university has diverse and committed faculty who teach and conduct ‎research, which addresses relevant local and regional challenges, and contributes to the ‎advancement of knowledge by actively addressing the needs and aspirations of society. ‎

 Core Values
  • Quality and excellence.
  • Rewarding excellence.
  • Leadership and teamwork.
  • Academic freedom.
  • Justice and equality.
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability.
  • Creativity, innovation, leadership and initiative.
  • Openness and cooperation.
  • Diversity and sustainability.