Engineering Department

  • About

    The Engineering Department was established at Palestine Technical University Kadoorie in 2011; With a distinguished engineering, design, and executive staff, and since that date, the department has developed in terms of staff and expertise, and as a result of the continuous support and close follow-up of the university administration represented by the university president; Which was and still is the basis for the success of the engineering department over the past period, Whereas, since its establishment, the department, represented by its various departments, has been following up on the infrastructure matters in the university, including buildings, facilities, water, wastewater drainage, and streets, in addition to future planning for what the university will be like in the short, medium, and long term.
    The department has completed many projects and multiple draws and miscellaneous (design and implementation); And what has been achieved was the main goal of advancing the university and meeting the needs of students
    The department participates in technical committees to evaluate and analyze bids, participates in control and receiving committees, and provides technical services and engineering consultancy to the rest of the departments in the university.

  • Objectives

    The engineering department aims to achieve the following projects:
    Designed projects:‎
    ‎• Faculty of Commerce and Economics (Munib Al-Masri Building) consists of four floors and a total ‎area of 7698 square meters.‎
    ‎• Palestine Technical College building with a total area of 10154 square meters.‎
    ‎• Student Affairs building consists of four floors with a total area of 8207 square meters. The building ‎consists of a theatre, cafeteria, sales point, book, and gift store, waiting rooms, financial department, ‎admission and registration unit, student affairs, supplies, and a clinic.‎
    ‎•Swimming pool.‎
    ‎• Master Plan of the University, which shows the future infrastructure of streets, sewage network, ‎water network, etc., in addition to the locations of future buildings and how they are interconnected ‎with the current buildings, squares, and gardens.‎

    Executed projects:‎
    ‎• Library building and its halls.‎
    Celebrations auditorium. ‎
    ‎• Purification station.‎
    ‎• The College of Engineering and Technology and external concrete works.‎
    ‎• Meeting Room.‎
    ‎• Building the wall of the Diploma College building.‎
    ‎• Asphalt works inside the university campus.‎
    ‎• A new power line as a result of joint cooperation with the municipality and the Energy Authority.‎
    ‎• Olympic stadium.‎
    ‎• Finishing the continuing education building.‎
    ‎• The Islamic Center with a total area of 1550 square meters.‎
    ‎• Paving sports fields.‎
    ‎• Solar cells project for power generation.‎