Bachelor of English Language ‎

  • About

    English Language and Applied Linguistics aspires to provide high quality education by developing and enhancing graduates knowledge and understanding of English language and literature. The learning and research environment provides graduates with the cognitive skills necessary to use the English language effectively and creatively in different contexts.The program aims to promote cultural awareness diversity and ethical responsibility through the study of literature language and rhetoric. This is achieved through the diversity of courses that are tailored to cover all aspects of language.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    General Objectives: ‎
    • Improving the academic level of teachers in different educational institutions.‎
    • Improving the qualifications of language managers in daily use and in various ‎transactions.‎
    • Meeting the needs of the local Palestinian market by providing employees with high ‎levels of English language skills.‎
    • Raising the level of workers in the public sector by providing qualified graduates in ‎the fields of teaching media journalism public relations international relations ‎science and technology.‎
    • Meeting the needs of the digital age.‎

    Specific Objectives: ‎
    • Enabling graduates to develop effective communication skills.‎
    • Developing graduates%27 appreciation of the diversity of languages and cultures.‎
    • Introducing the graduates to linguistics its sub-branches its applications and its ‎relations with other disciplines.‎
    • Introducing the graduates to the different literary genres of the English language in ‎their historical cultural and artistic contexts.‎
    • Developing graduates%27 critical thinking skills and enhancing their linguistic ability well.‎

  • Career Opportunities

    A graduate of the department of English Language and Applied Linguistics is able to analyze ‎texts critically write well-structured academic texts translate and interpret texts from Arabic ‎to English and vice versa and proofread texts written in English. These skills qualify a ‎graduate of the department to work in the fields of: ‎
    • Education.‎
    • Translation.‎
    • Local and international NGOs.‎
    • Banks.‎
    • Media.‎
    • Tourism. ‎

  • Campus

      • Tulkarem.