About Faculty of Information Technology

About Faculty of Information Technology

  • Vision

    Promote excellence in learning research innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of information technology.

  • Mission

    Provide an innovative academic learning environment and prepare our graduates to meet and exceed the challenges of working with local and international institutions in the field of information technology.

  • Message from the Dean

    The Faculty of Information Technology at Palestine Technical University- ‎Kadoorie was established at the beginning of the academic year 2022/2023.‎
    The Faculty of Information Technology was established to graduate ‎students who are equipped with knowledge and skills relevant to the rising ‎demands of the role information plays in characterizing our daily modern ‎life. ‎
    From this perspective, the College of Information Technology aspires to ‎become a house of expertise and excellence with a distinguished academic ‎reputation.‎
    The College of Information Technology also urges and supports the ‎preparation and dissemination of innovative research, qualifying ‎researchers and training them in scientific and technical research skills to ‎keep pace with the local and global labor market in the field of information ‎technology. ‎
    The College also seeks to establish and develop distinguished academic ‎programs that simulate the requirements and needs of the modern era, and ‎attract local and international projects in order to establish sustainable ‎partnerships with local and international universities.‎

  • Objectives

    • Meeting the needs of the Palestinian local market‏.‏
    • Graduating students with skills in decision-making and forecasting in the field of ‎cybersecurity‏.‏
    • Improving the proficiency of employees by graduating skilled students‏.‏
    • Developing the entrepreneurial spirit of the graduates of the program and enhancing their ‎ability to lead institutions‏.‏
    • Enabling students to develop effective communication and management skills‏.‏
    • Developing students%27 critical thinking skills and enhancing their ability to recognize the ‎necessity of ethical behavior in using legal means to achieve business goals.‎
    ‎•‎ Equip graduates with proficiency in the field of computer science.‎
    ‎•‎ Contribute to the improvement of different sectors by creating a generation capable of ‎employing advanced means of technology to help people and develop societies.‎
    ‎•‎ Graduate students who are able to apply the principles of computer science to solve real-life ‎problems appropriate to the discipline.‎
    ‎•‎ Teach students effective team communication and interpersonal skills in order to ‎enable them to work professionally in their careers.‎
    ‎•‎ Prepare students to function ethically and responsibly and to be conscious of ethical social ‎global legal security and professional issues related to computing.‎