Bachelor of Acoustics Engineering

  • About

    Acoustics engineering is an interdisciplinary field that overlaps with other fields of engieering including telecommunicaton engineering and electronics engineering. Acoustics engineering deals with the engineering of sound and vibration and involves the measurement analysis control and application of sound and vibration as well as the management and application of sound-producing vibrations in real-world situations.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    This program aims to achieve the following objectives:‎
    • Advance knowledge of engineering and music both formally and informally by engaging in ‎lifelong learning experiences.‎
    • Enable graduates to become contributing members of multidisciplinary engineering teams ‎successfully apply the fundamentals of engineering analysis and design the formulation and ‎solution of emerging technical problems.‎

  • Career Opportunities

    • Studio Departments.‎
    • Studio setup strategies isolation and group recording.‎
    • Radio and TV firms.‎
    • Tracking Engineer.‎
    • Recording Engineer.‎
    • Mixing Engineer and Producer.‎
    • Consulting Engineering Firms.‎
    • Government Sector.‎
    • Research & Laboratories.‎
    • Municipal Corporations.‎
    • Universities & Colleges.‎

  • Campus

      • Tulkarem.