Bachelor of Applied Mathmatics

  • About

    The department of Applied Mathematics was established at the beginning of the academic year 2009/2010.
    In addition to the bachelor program the department offers complementary courses in general mathematics. These are part of other degree programs such as Engineering and Agriculture. The department aspires to be one of the leading national centres in teaching and research in the area of applied mathematics. We also aim to contribute to preparing a generation of highly skilled graduates with capability and creative potential in education and self-learning skills.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    The Applied Mathematics Department at Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie aims at enabling its ‎graduates to be able to:‎
    • Secure a successful career or complete their postgraduate studies in Mathematics or in any ‎related field.‎
    • Develop proficiency with the applications of Mathematics in solving emerging
    • practical real-life problems.‎
    • Develop their mathematical knowledge and skills by continually conducting independent ‎learning and adapting to
    • new technologies and methodologies.‎

  • Career Opportunities

    • Education.‎
    • Research centers.‎
    • Research experts and analysts.‎
    • Technicians and software specialists in several sectors of public and private institutions.‎

  • Campus

      • Tulkarem.
      • Aroub.