Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

  • About

    The department of Electrical Engineering was established in 1999 well before Kadoorie college became a university. The department then offered a bachelor%27s degree program titled: “Technical Bachelor in Electrical Engineering.” It was the first engineering degree program in the college. In 2007 Kadoorie was given official university status.
    The department has then expanded to offer other degree programs which lead to the formation of the Faculty of Engineering with different departments that offered several Engineering degree programs.
    Electrical engineering was the first bachelor%27s program offered by the electrical engineering department. It was designed after extensive consultation with the local and regional employers thus taking into consideration the market need for skills and expertise required by the graduates in this discipline.
    In addition to the courses related directly to the degree program, the department offers many courses that serve other programs in the Faculty of Engineering.
    The program also includes many laboratories and equipment that serve other programs in the Faculty of Engineering and other faculties in the university.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    This program aims to achieve the following objectives: ‎
    ‎•‎ Qualifying graduates to work as engineers in the fields of electrical power systems electrical ‎machines power electronics and high voltage as well as generation and use of power.‎
    ‎•‎ Prepare distinguished electrical engineers through quality education and practical training methods ‎while maintaining a balance between the theoretical and practical elements of the program.‎
    ‎•‎ Prepare highly trained engineers capable of applying their skills in electrical engineering to support ‎the economic development plans in Palestine and neighboring countries.‎
    ‎•‎ Prepare electrical engineers with distinguished scientific professional and ethical values capable of ‎continuing their development through self-learning to keep pace with global development in the ‎field of electrical engineering.‎
    ‎•‎ Prepare electrical engineers with excellent scientific backgrounds and scientific research skills to ‎serve their society and preserve the environment.‎

  • Career Opportunities

    ‎•‎ Food factories.‎
    ‎•‎ Petrochemical factories.‎
    ‎•‎ Production lines of all kinds.‎
    ‎•‎ Stone and marble manufacturing workshops.‎
    ‎•‎ Elevators and escalators.‎
    ‎•‎ Research and teaching assistant in universities, technical institutes, and academic institutions.‎
    ‎•‎ Engineering supervision in engineering offices and contracting.‎
    ‎•‎ Engineering trade: technical sales engineer.‎

  • Campus

      • Tulkarem.