Diploma of Fasion Design & Dress Making

  • About

    The diploma in Fashion Design and garment manufacturing is one of the popular applied arts programs at PTUK. The program has been running since the academic year 1993/1994.
    The program includes practical and theoretical courses to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary for the various aspects of fashion design related to local and regional industries so that they are trained on several modern skills in the field of design and detailing of the latest fashion lines in a modern style that keeps pace with the local market. So that the graduate is able to perform the skills manually and through computer design programs, designing clothing accessories, beadwork, and other topics complementary to the specialization.
    In 2013, the Center for Fashion Design and garment manufacturing was established at the university with the support of the Swiss Foundation for Cooperation and Development GIZ, to provide training services for students and advanced courses in design, sewing, and related fields.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    • Qualify graduates who are able to design and manufacture fashion using the latest available technologies, with high quality and refined taste.‎
    • Preparing graduates to work in many different related fields and providing them with practical skills to participate in advancing local production.
    Employing various computer programs in the profession of fashion design and industry
    • Learn about the different types and capabilities of raw materials and their use in fashion design and manufacture.
    Raising the level of technical education in the country
    • Fashion Design provides a curriculum and advanced equipment in the field of sewing and design
    • Directing research programs and projects that serve the environment and society

  • Career Opportunities

    • Establishing private fashion ateliers.
    • Work in garment factories; Executed designers.
    • Work in education; Art education teachers.
    • Work in the fields of embroidery, folklore works, “knitting” works, curtain design, and sewing.

  • Campus

      • Tulkarem.
      • Ramallah.