Master of Software Engineering

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    Software engineering evolves constantly to cope with the emergence of new technologies and with the development of computer and information engineering. Software engineers are the designers of systems and application and the builders of products games and electronic control systems. So they use their expertise in engineering principles and programming languages to understand what users need and consequently design build and deploy efficient and effective systems. Simultaneously they need to understand the current system of any organization and solve any business challenge. Globally the importance of software engineers has become clearer and even more considerable after the big demand on software systems due to the digital transformation during COVID19. This demand is expected to grow up according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS.
    The development of software in Palestine has become growing business recently for the local market and the international market. In fact this field as one of the Information and Communication Technology ICT fields has been considered a priority to support the Palestinian economy . Nearly there are 250 ICT companies in Palestine in which software engineering plays a major role in the development of their products.
    Software engineers with qualified skills and knowledge can contribute to the ICT business and improve the products and increase the profits of ICT companies. However most ICT programs do not mainly and deeply focus on developing students’ software engineering skills that are required in the market.
    The master of software engineering takes what students learn in the undergraduate level or obtained professional experience to a higher level. So the master of software engineering uses student basic practical and theoretical experience to build a software engineer who can work with other software engineers on realistic tasks isolated technical problems and complicated issues. Students in the master of software engineering learn not only how to do things but also understand and explain the ‘why’.
    Thus the master of software engineering will be an intensive program that aims to provide students with solid technical skills and fundamental understanding of software theory and practice through well designed and deeply focused courses. Also the master of software engineering will teach students how to solve complex software challenges in innovative and cooperative methods. Further students will learn how to collaborate and negotiate effectively and how to make thorough strategic decisions. So the program will cover different topics such as software quality testing automatic analysis code transformation and other topics related to emerging software industry needs.

  • Vision

    The master of software engineering program vision is to provide high quality education using both theory and techniques in order to improve the quality of the ICT sectors, at private and governmental levels.

  • Mission

    The program is intended for students who wish to broaden and deepen their understanding of software engineering. The program provides a unique opportunity to develop leading-edge in-depth knowledge of specific software engineering. So, the program mission is:
    Providing quality education for students enabling them to identify, recognize and address the difficulties and challenges in software development. Thus, students can develop competitive, innovative and reliable software and applications.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    • Providing students with the techniques and practical skills for developing innovative and reliable software.
    • Improving students’ communication skills leaderships skills research skills and management skills.
    • Educating and training the next pioneers and leaders of software engineering in government academia and industry.
    • Becoming the first preference for the industry and government in a need of innovative technical insights research and policy guidance about software engineering.
    • Collaborating with industry for developing software and applications.

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      • Tulkarem.