Master of Sports Science/ٍSupervision & Teaching in Physical Education

  • About

    The Sports Science Program is one of the academic programs offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie. This program was introduced in 2020 to complement the university%27s mission achieve higher education goals and keep pace with the development in the professional direction for sports science.
    The program aims to graduate sports staff qualified to work in education and sports institutions such as federations sports clubs youth and sports centers and local community institutions.
    Students graduate the program after completing 36 credit hours divided into four semesters. Graduates are granted a certificate accredited by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education qualifying them to work in various sports institutions.
    The faculty is currently looking to introduce a Ph.D. program in sports sciences to meet the local market%27s need and supply it with sports specialists.

  • Vision

    The Sports Science program seeks to achieve academic and professional excellence in preparing and qualifying staff in sports science.

  • Mission

    The Master of Sports Science program is looking forward to graduating sports staff with scientific, practical, research, and administrative capacities characterized by the applied ability in sports science. It is also looking forward to achieving partnership programs with academic institutions, sports federations, sports media, and nutrition centers to achieve development in various sports fields.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    • Mastering styles and methods of teaching various sports skills.
    • Strategic planning and management of various educational and sports institutions.
    • We were coaching and preparing different sports teams.
    • We are designing and implementing sports programs related to health nutrition and physical performance.
    • Designing sports programs for people with special needs in educational institutions.
    • We use modern technological tools and devices to plan implement evaluate and develop academic units and training doses for physical activities and school sports.
    • Designing and creating alternative tools can be used in academic units for physical activities and school sports.
    • They contribute to discovering and ing talented people physically and skillfully and directing them towards appropriate physical activities and sports.
    • We realize contemporary sports issues related to physical education and sports.
    • Researching investigation analysis criticism and scientific conclusion in the field of mathematical sciences.
    • We are going into investment and marketing in the fields of sports.

  • Career Opportunities

    After completing all graduation requirements graduates will be qualified to work in:
    • Managing Sport Facilities.
    • Coaching Professional Teams.
    • Teaching Sport Science and Physical Education at Universities.
    • Implementing Grassroots Sport Projects.
    • Teaching Physical Education in Schools.
    • Fitness Instructors.
    • Implementing Projects with Special Needs.
    • Security and Military Sports Sectors.
    • Health and Fitness Centers.

  • Campus

      • Tulkarem.