About Faculty of Applied Sciences

About Faculty of Applied Sciences

  • Vision

    Excellence and leadership in the field of technical education related to science and scientific research at the local and international levels.

  • Mission

    The mission of the faculty of Applied Science is to prepare students to accomplish strong technical, scientific, and professional skills with an emphasis on lifelong learning and high-quality research. The program is committed to excellence and primarily aims to provide students with a strong theoretical foundation, and ethical and professional conduct with the utmost experience in communication and teamwork.

  • Message from the Dean

    The College of Applied Sciences was established under the name of the Faculty of Science and Arts in 2009. The faculty was founded in response to the needs of the community for specialists and researchers in the various fields of science.
    At the beginning of 2018, the Faculty of Science and Arts was separated into the Faculties of Applied Sciences and Faculty of Arts and Educational Sciences.
    The Faculty seeks to develop its programs and get accreditation for new ones through active partnerships and cooperation with local and international institutions. The college also aspires to establish specialized applied research centers to support and encourage scientific research and to utilize its state-of-the-art laboratories.

  • Objectives

    Develop the faculty's programs to promote scientific excellence.
    Equip the graduates with a high degree of scientific efficiency and ethical integrity that enables them to compete at the local and regional levels.
    Encourage scientific research projects and exchange experiences with local and international universities.
    Provide training opportunities for the academic and administrative staff.