About Faculty of Graduate Studies

About Faculty of Graduate Studies

  • Vision

    The Graduate School enables diverse graduate and professional students to thrive intellectually and professionally and achieve academic success.

  • Mission

    The mission of the Faculty of Graduate Studies is to serve as a catalyst for excellence in graduate education by establishing an environment that promotes excellence and innovation to engage in cutting-edge research and professional development that prepares students for success in their fields.

  • Message from the Dean

    In 2015, Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie gained accreditation for its first graduate studies program in Agricultural Biotechnology. Later, more graduate programs followed and the Faculty of Graduate Studies was established in 2018.
    In addition to satisfying the market needs for graduate studies, the faculty of graduate studies also provide an opportunity for PTUK to network with other national and international universities and to be a part of joint research projects with various local and international universities. The graduate program has also resulted in activating student and staff exchanges under the mobility scheme.

  • Objectives

    The Faculty of Graduate Studies aims to:
    • Design and offer new graduate programs that satisfy the needs of the local and regional job market.
    • Promote scientific research in PTUK, Palestine, and the region.
    • Stimulate students’ participation in solving local and regional problems through research and analytical studies.
    • Stimulate and support research-led learning in PTUK, based on scientific research and critical thinking.
    • Establish and support scientific research ethics in PTUK.