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  • Sunday, 11-11-2018

PTUK Participates in Evaluation 2018 Speaking Truth to Power

The Dean of Faculty of Arts and Educational Sciences at Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, Dr. Nuha Iter joined the Annual Conference, Evaluation 2018 “Speaking Truth to Power” which was organized by the American Evaluation Association AEA, in Cleveland city, Ohio, USA.
PTUK joint participation with the UniversityofMassachusetts, entitled “Speaking Truth in Close Encounters: Cautions in Developmental Evaluation” aims at revealing the relationship of the developmental evaluation and methods of supporting the developmental programs using the data of the Integrated Sample Study that was developed by Dr. Iter within the Teacher Qualification Program at Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, in addition to a study by the Massachusetts Team entitling the capacity-building applied on a group of schools and the continuous use of the developmental evaluation.
Dr. Iter indicated that the conference brought together multiple participations in fields of the developmental evaluation including sustainability, effectiveness and efficiency evaluation, social impact assessment, evaluation of operations, and assessment of results, explaining that the application of scientific research in evaluation and the dissemination of facts help sustain social, economic and educational developments.