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Statement of  Denunciation and Condemnation
  • Thursday, 16-11-2023

Statement of Denunciation and Condemnation

The Administration of Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie denounces and condemns the actions of the Israeli Occupation forces breaking in the university’s main campus and buildings in Tulkarem in the early morning of Thursday November 16, 2023, and then vandalizing the engineering building that simply contains educational labs and car automation workshops with deliberate intention to destroy its content and confiscate the building’s network devices.

The University, which is home to 11,000 students, reaffirms that the Occupation forces routinely violates international laws by practicing a series of repeated incursions against Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie in Tulkarem and Alaroub branch in Hebron causing distressful raids and intrusions to threaten the students and staff, steal their rights of safe education, and disturb the university’s academic life.

The University also stresses that for years of continuous assaults and violations against an ancient founded school of agriculture since 1930 and a registered public governmental university since 2007 are Israeli policies of systematic intellectual stagnation, however, they will never break the University’s persistence to provide educational services with all possible means under the harsh and exceptional conditions that our Palestinian people live, which is a noble mission to build educated generations who will be aware of their national and humanitarian responsibilities.

Under this circumstantial and difficult time that our people and institutions live, the University’s Administration appeals to the international community, the international and Arab unions of universities, and the human rights organizations to stop these cruel abuses against the university and the Palestinian educational institutions, and provide protection for them.

University Administration
November 16, 2023