Important Terms

 Terms in the Academic University System:

University:Palestine Technical University "Kadoorie".

College:Any of the university colleges.

Dean/Director:Dean of the College, Director of the Department.

Department:A department that offers a specific educational program or programs leading to the award of a degree.

Program:A field of post-secondary education and training in which the duration of study is not less than four semesters, and it includes one or more majors.

Major:A group of educational subjects in one field from one program, success in which leads to obtaining the college’s accreditation, provided that the specialization is accredited by the National Commission for Accreditation and Quality.

College Student:Every student who completed the registration procedures and enrolled as a student in the in the specified semester.

Teaching Subject (Course):An academic subject (with or without a practical part) that is offered during one semester and for which a number of credit hours are allocated.

Credit Hour:A theoretical study hour (50 minutes) per week for a period of 16 weeks, or a weekly practical session of 2-3 hours (in the laboratory or practical training) for a period of 16 weeks.

The Academic Semester:Sixteen academic weeks, including the period of exams and evaluation sessions.

Summer Semester:Eight academic weeks, including exams and evaluation sessions.

The academic Year:a year that consists of two semesters: the first semester and the second semester. A third optional semester may be added to them and it is called the "summer semester".

College Requirements:  specific courses that all college students must study and succeed in, regardless of their majors.

Department Requirements:specific courses that all students of the concerned department must study and succeed in.

Major Requirements:These are specific courses that all major students in the relevant department must study and succeed in.

Registration:The student registers for the courses s/he wishes to study according to the directions of the academic advisor and through the courses that are offered at the beginning of the semester.

Withdrawal:A student withdraws his/her registration for a specific course during the Add/Drop period (according to the instructions).

Addition:Adding a student to a specific course during the add-and-drop period (according to the instructions).

Withdrawal:Withdrawal of a course, or courses, from the semester after the allotted withdrawal period.

Postponement: is the delay in registering a course or courses in a particular semester to a later semester with official approval.

Dropping Out:failure to register for the semester or absence from the study without an official approval.

Academic Advisor:a faculty member chosen by the academic department in the college to guide the student in the course registration process for each semester, and follow up his/ her academic progress.

Desk Hour:a course that a student can register for in his/her final semester in the event that his/her graduation depends on a maximum of one or two courses conditioned that the course is not offered in the semester in which the student graduates.

Academic Load: the total number of credit hours registered by the student for one semester. The academic load varies in one semester from one student to another. The maximum academic load for a student is twenty-one (21) credit hours, and the minimum is twelve (12) credit hours per semester.

University Requirements:A set of academic courses that are compulsory for all university students.

College Requirements:A set of academic courses that are compulsory to all college students, regardless of their major.

Major Requirements:A group of academic courses that that are compulsory for all students in the major.

Prerequisites:Courses that the students must pass before registering for another related course.

Concurrent Requirements for A course: Courses that the student must study in a previous semester or register in the same semester as the related course.

Semester GPA:The grade average of the courses that the student studies in one semester.

University Identity: An identity card with a serial number, which the student needs to enter the university campus and to issue any academic or financial documents.