Bachelor of Computer Science

  • About

    As a result of the worlds, rapid and qualitative development in all fields of technology computer science has become an integral part of daily life. Therefore computer science as a university major has become one of the most important university disciplines required at the present time.
    Computer science aspires to make graduates aware of new technologies and new ideas and is a foundation for many different computing careers.
    Computer Scientists design and build software and create efficient solutions to real−world problems in fields.
    Therefore this major is a combination of a sound theoretical foundation with a high level of practical expertise in all areas of the discipline which guarantees graduates an array of job opportunities that are among the highest-paid jobs in the local and global market.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    ‎•‎ Equip graduates with proficiency in the field of computer science.‎
    ‎•‎ Contribute to the improvement of different sectors by creating a generation capable of ‎employing advanced means of technology to help people and develop societies.‎
    ‎•‎ Graduate students who are able to apply the principles of computer science to solve real-life problems appropriate to the discipline.‎
    ‎•‎ Teach students effective team communication and interpersonal skills in order to ‎enable them to work professionally in their careers.‎
    ‎•‎ Prepare students to function ethically and responsibly and to be conscious of ethical ‎social global legal security and professional issues related to computing.‎

  • Career Opportunities

    ‎•‎ Programmer.‎
    ‎•‎ Analyst and software developer. ‎
    ‎•‎ Developer of Internet pages. ‎
    ‎•‎ Mobile application developer. ‎
    ‎•‎ Information Security Analyst. ‎
    ‎•‎ Database Administrator. ‎
    ‎•‎ Computer network manager. ‎
    ‎•‎ Information Security Analyst‏.‏‎ ‎
    ‎•‎ Scientific Researcher in the fields of computer science and data science. ‎
    ‎•‎ Vocational training and teaching.‎

  • Campus

      • Tulkarem.
      • Ramallah.
      • Aroub.