Bachelor of Media Technology

  • About

    The Department of media technology is poised to become a vibrant center for mass communication and journalism education not only in Palestine but in the Arabic world.
    Through curricular extra-curricular and internship activities, the Department will help students build a broad understanding of the role of our discipline in society by providing students with a well-rounded understanding of the field of media while allowing for the acquisition of an in-depth understanding of one area of specialization such as Print/Online Journalism Strategic Communication and Broadcast/ Online Journalism.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    The major in Media Technology strives to:‎
    • Provide students with a strong theoretical and conceptual understanding of media technology ‎fields.‎
    • Enhance students’ writing oral and editing skills.‎
    • Enable students to conduct research related to communication and mass media including collecting ‎analyzing and reporting data.‎
    • Prepare students for careers in Strategic Communication public relations/advertising ‎Broadcast/Online Journalism and Print‏ - ‏Online Journalism.‎
    • Understand and apply media law and principles of freedom of speech and of the press appropriate ‎to professional practice.‎
    • Promote professional and ethical values related to media technology fields.‎

  • Career Opportunities

    • Television and radio program presenters.‎
    • Television and radio reporters.‎
    • Media and public relations departments.‎
    • Press release editors in newspapers and magazines.‎

  • Campus

      • Tulkarem.
      • Ramallah.
      • Aroub.