Diploma of eMarketing and eCommerce

  • About

    Palestine Technical University Kadoorie seeks, through the Diploma in Marketing ‎and E-commerce, to be the first specialization of its kind in the field of e-marketing and e-commerce in the region, as expectations indicate that the market ‎needs such specialization is great, especially if we know that sales using the ‎Internet in Business and consumer-oriented businesses reach trillions of dollars ‎worldwide annually‏.‏
    The marketing and e-commerce program opens up new job opportunities for ‎Palestinian youth after saturating the market with tens of thousands of ‎unemployed graduates. Because this program will open new horizons for them at ‎the local level, and allow them to transcend narrow geographical borders to enter ‎the global commercial markets.‎
    The program qualifies its graduates with specifications that improve their chances ‎in local, regional, and international competition by providing them with theoretical ‎and practical electronic commercial and marketing skills, and through the use of ‎the latest computer programs, the cluster network, social networks, modern ‎electronic technologies and applications, and the improvement and development ‎of their foreign commercial language.‎

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    • Prepare qualified and specialized cadres in the various fields of ‎marketing and e-commerce and its applications.‎
    • Equip graduates with the commercial and marketing skills and ‎knowledge necessary to enter the field of marketing and e-commerce.‎
    • Equip graduates with skills in e-business.‎
    • Enhance the graduates%27 abilities to deal with programs and ‎websites that are related to the e-marketing process and ‎international business. ‎
    • Refine the practical business and electronic skills of the graduates ‎through field training.‎
    • Meet the growing need of the local and regional market for skilled ‎graduates in the field of marketing and e-commerce.‎

  • Career Opportunities

    • Marketing in the commercial industrial and international fields.‎
    • Retail trade sales management and customer service.‎
    • Public relations.‎
    • Brand management and commercial communications.‎
    • Internet Marketing Specialist.‎
    • Marketing Manager or Sales Promotion Manager.‎
    • Trade manager or trade database manager.‎
    • Business Development Manager.‎

  • Campus

      • Aroub.