Master of Public Administration**

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    Given the importance of the pivotal role played by the individual in building the social fabric of the society and in recognition of the universities prepared for the program because of the pressures and challenges faced by the Palestinian society as a result of the political social and economic conditions experienced by this society in all segments and categories which exacerbated the administrative problems in the public administration The Master of Public Administration program will contribute to the development of the executive and professional practice of public administration cadres in this field.
    It will also contribute to the provision of public administrative institutions with a cadre of specialists who can build various programs that will serve the objectives of public institutions achieve sound governance principles and reform these institutions administratively and financially in addition to providing the General Administration with the necessary expertise to develop their organizational and professional performance and deal with security and administrative issues with integrity transparency and responsibility.
    The Master of Public Administration program is one of the first programs in Palestinian universities that will be devoted to serving the administrative cadres in the various state institutions in the belief of the administration of the three universities for the role of this pioneering program in developing the work of human cadres in the public sector as the three universities will be unique in this specialization. Considering that it will contribute to bridging a significant gap in the public sector%27s need and requirements of educated cadres capable of leading state institutions Which will contribute to re-arranging and organizing the human cadres in state institutions in an advanced and contained scientific manner so that these human cadres can keep pace with scientific and technological progress by viewing and benefiting everything that is new at the global level in the field of modern management and scientific progress and what is included in A framework of relevant and vital topics to serve public institutions operating in the State of Palestine.
    This program is considered one of the first programs devoted to refining the skills and expertise of human cadres in the Palestinian public sector as well as in universities that are concerned with programs related to administrative sciences in general including public administration security aspects of the State and other administrative aspects.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    The overall goal of the program:
    The Master of Public Administration program seeks to provide students with a comprehensive background in public administration that enables them to possess the knowledge and experience required to practice their careers to achieve the general interests of the State and provide outstanding services to the community.

    Specific Goals:
    • Develop human cadres capable of leading state institutions.
    • Refine students with scientific knowledge and experience in the field of public administration.
    • Enable students to work in the field of public administration in all state institutions.
    • Introduce students to the functions and competence of the public official.
    • Provide students with the necessary knowledge and experience of how to deal with crisis management.
    • Improve the level of administrative and legal performance of state institutions by preparing qualified and qualified human cadres.
    • Achieve personal growth and professional development of students in the program and raise their scientific competencies.
    • Emphasizing the qualification of public administration ethics based on Islamic and Arab values and in line with global trends in modern management.
    • Enable outstanding students with a bachelor degree to continue their graduate studies locally.
    • Encourage and support applied research in public administration in a manner that contributes to enriching and developing scientific value in the field of administrative sciences.

  • Career Opportunities

    The Master of Public Administration qualifies his graduate to work in many fields ‎and administrative positions and various sectors including the government ‎sector local and civil and non-profit institutions. It provides them with many ‎of the necessary expertise and skills in this field whether in building and ‎forming public policies or in terms of leadership ethics and others. It also helps ‎prepare students for doctoral studies in many disciplines related to public ‎administration and specialized planning and many administrative fields.‎
    Graduate Specifications
    The expected outcome this program may be summarized as a list of skills we ‎wish our graduates to acquire:‎
    • A scientifically and administratively qualified graduate capable of leading public ‎institutions.‎
    • A graduate who is capable of applying the principles of good governance in public ‎administration.‎
    • A manager who is capable of managing and developing human resources in public ‎administration.‎
    • An employee capable of implementing administrative policies within a team.‎
    • An employee with professional experience in computers in general and their applications in ‎public administration in particular.‎
    • A graduate with sufficient scientific research skills that can be readily applied to various ‎administrative fields.‎
    • A graduate who possesses a high level of public administration skills such as planning ‎organization leadership control decision-making etc.‎
    • A graduate with good knowledge in public budgeting and how they are prepared.‎
    • A manager capable of organizing and designing organizational structures in public ‎institutions and setting their roles and objectives.‎
    • A graduate who is familiar with modern strategic planning.‎

  • Campus

      • Tulkarem.