Master of Technical and Vocational Education and Training

  • About

    Master in Technical and Vocational Education and Training MTVET in Palestine technical university Khadoorie comes for developing the human resource capacity of the TVET sector. Focusing on educational and socioeconomic aspects is an area of intervention that has become very much necessary.
    Technical and Vocational Education and Training MTVET came as graduate programs to meet the government institution ministries and labor market needs. They came to enable the technical and vocational education and training providers of vocational schools teachers supervisors teachers and lecturers in technical colleges Engineering colleges trainers in continuing education centers employment councils and all trainers in vocational training centers affiliated with the Ministry of Education. It also contributes to empowering employees in the General Departments of Vocational and Technical Education and the General Administration of Vocational Training Centers in the Ministry of Labor.
    This program will enable workers in technical and vocational education and training and whoever wishes to join in these fields with technical and educational competencies that fully oblige them to perform their technical and vocational roles. The program is designed to enable its graduates to develop the vocational and technical education and training sector in the light of applied scientific educational and action research in addition the graduate of this program is trained to develop professions and trades continuously in light of the changing tendencies and trends of the beneficiaries of this significant sector.

  • Vision

    Graduation of Qualified Workers in five levels of (TVET) sector, to increase the effectiveness of socioeconomic local and global market

  • Mission

    The program is designed for competent graduates of MTVET and to gain advanced knowledge in TVET academic discipline. They will acquire the necessary knowledge, exposure, and skills to lead and manage TVET institutions and programs more efficiently. Seeks can provide high-quality education, training, research, and professional and technical services in TVET sector institutions.
    Program content knowledge and skills are oriented towards the culture of thinking, innovating, and acting upon that includes aspects like motivation, commitment, teamwork, networking, valuing others, creativity, empowering to meet the social and economic needs of Palestinian society through program courses that will enable workers in the TVET sector with its five levels of educational, technical and research competencies. Graduates of the MTVET program are also expected to be critical, reflective, and ethical.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    • MTVET program aims to encourage graduates to create their enterprise; in addition the program graduates will be:
    • Able to meet the needs of the local and international Socioeconomic market.
    • Competent to perform TVET activities such as preparation curriculum designing instructional events delivering theoretical and practical sessions and evaluating students.
    • Competent educators and workers in the TVET sector vocational colleges vocational schools vocational training centers intermediate colleges universities continuing education centers employment councils and research and development centers
    • Proficient in dealing with TVET concepts theories and competencies of vocational and technical training and their relationship to the community context.
    • Proficient in developing the vocational and technical education and training sector through quantitative and qualitative research educational scientific and procedural.
    • Competent researcher in the economic and social conditions by implementing different types of research to improve TVET sectors.
    • Proficient in amending TVET policies by implementing scientific studies and research related to the TVET sector at its five levels.
    • Efficient in networking and communicating with local and international labor markets to apply knowledge in TVET.
    • Able to demonstrate positive attitudes towards students enrolled in TVET programs.

  • Career Opportunities

    The graduates of this program have many opportunities in the labor market locally and internationally such as:
    • They could enter into a teaching career focusing either as instructors or as principals of TVET institutes either in public or private-sector TVET institutes.
    • They could work as TVET analysts researchers… etc.
    • They could be work with government organizations or with any other national or international development organizations that focus on TVET such as:
    • TVET providers polytechnics technical and vocational schools training centers.
    • Research institutions.
    • Development organizations.
    • Business and industries.
    • Mentor and professional supporter.
    • They could be creating their enterprise.
    • They could be work as mentors and professional supporters.
    • They could work as trainers in the General Administration in TVET related institutions or programs.
    • They could work as a supervisor in the directorates of education.
    • They could be designed a TVET curriculum.
    • Trainer in training centers in the continuing education departments chambers of commerce and operating councils.

  • Campus

      • Tulkarem.