About Computer Center

About Computer Center

  • Vision

    Direct solutions to make use of the developing IT technologies to ensure that the information resources of the university is structured in integrity.

  • Mission

    To provide excellent ICT services that foster productive education, research and community service.

  • Objectives

    ‎•‎ Develop and improve ICT services and provide all business and procedures in the form of ‎electronic services to the users.‎
    ‎•‎ Provide basic services, including e-mail, Internet, eLearning, and Education support tools.‎
    ‎•‎ Provide infrastructure and special support for the security and protection of computers, ‎communications network, portable devices, and information centers.‎
    ‎•‎ Develop and improve the skills and competencies of information and communication technology ‎necessary for faculty, staff, and students.‎
    ‎•‎ Participate in community service by providing ICT-related advice and support.‎

  • Services

    Provide and support the ICT infrastructure to enhance administrative and academic activities.‎

  • Message from the Director

    The computer center is considered one of the most important centers of the university since its ‎establishment. In order for it to be the nucleus for spreading modern technology among the ‎components of the university, and for it to be its backbone for spreading and keeping pace with ‎modern technologies and computerizing the university%27s work.‎
    The Computer Center seeks to pioneer and lead the work for the optimal use of information and ‎communication technology at the university as an effective tool in order to improve and raise the level ‎of education, awareness, and productivity by offering creative solutions, systems, programs, and ‎initiatives, and providing the necessary infrastructure of computers and networks and training and ‎qualifying university cadres to use these technologies. and systems.‎
    The center seeks to provide the university with its headquarters and branches with the necessary ‎information and communication technology services.‎
    The center looks forward to transforming services into electronic services through the computerization ‎of all administrative, financial, and academic services of the university, in addition to technology ‎governance through the creation and implementation of a work environment based on professional ‎methodologies at the international levels.‎