About Faculty of Palestine Technical

About Faculty of Palestine Technical

  • Vision

    Palestine Technical College - Kadoorie aspires to be one of the excellent technical education providers in the region. We work to provide intermediate technical education in various disciplines that are of most interest to the local and regional job market.

  • Mission

    The college seeks to provide a variety of technical programs in various fields, to meet the needs of the local and regional labor market. We also provide appropriate academic training to equip students with theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience.

  • Message from the Dean

    Palestine Technical College was established as a college affiliated with Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie. The college was founded in response to the need for technical and vocational education.
    Since its establishment, the college has been keen to provide a variety of programs and specializations to meet the needs of the Palestinian labor market, and to provide the appropriate academic and training needs to equip the graduate with the experience they need to keep abreast with the rapid developments in the technical and vocational world.

  • Objectives

    Provide affordable study and training opportunities for students wishing to obtain intermediate technical qualifications.
    Prepare technical graduates with the necessary practical skills and competencies needed for the labor market.
    Design and develop programs to keep abreast with the rapid technological advancement.
    • Develop technical and technological education in Palestine.
    • Network with similar educational institutions locally, regionally, and internationally.
    • Promote scientific research.
    • Meet the needs of the local community and supply the local market with highly qualified technical cadres.