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Kadoorie University Advances in Global and Arab Rankings
  • Sunday, 21-01-2024

Kadoorie University Advances in Global and Arab Rankings

In its ongoing journey of progress and development, Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie has achieved significant breakthroughs in global, Arab, and international rankings. Notably, the university secured the 2nd position among Palestinian universities and ranked 43rd among Arab universities in the Arab Ranking for Universities. Additionally, it claimed the 447th spot globally in the UI Green Metric World University Ranking.

Prof. Saed Malak, Assistant to the University President for Governance, highlighted the university's remarkable achievements, emphasizing its commitment to advancing in global and regional rankings. He noted the university's 2nd place nationally and 43rd place regionally in the Arab Ranking for Universities, as announced by the Secretary-General of the Arab Universities Union, Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama.

Prof. Malak added that Kadoorie secured the 2nd position nationally, 43rd regionally, and 447th globally in the UI Green Metric ranking, a result of dedicated efforts by the university's administration and collaboration across all components, including faculty and students.
Furthermore, the university demonstrated notable progress by entering the 111-120 category in the QS Arab Region University Rankings, reflecting its continuous efforts and dedication in this domain.

President Hussein Shanak congratulated the Kadoorie community on this achievement, considering it a source of pride and motivation for further efforts. He stressed the importance of increasing research, scientific, and academic achievements at all levels, aiming to elevate the university's position among leading Arab and global institutions.

Prof. Shanak emphasized that these accomplishments in regional and global rankings align with the university's ambition, which extends beyond current achievements. The university will continue its determined efforts at all academic and research levels to achieve even more distinguished positions in global and regional rankings.

Highlighting Kadoorie's green initiatives, Dr. Shanak mentioned that the university's advanced position in the UI Green Metric ranking reflects its commitment to renewable energy and sustainable practices. Kadoorie was among the first institutions to adopt policies promoting renewable energy and sustainable buildings, establishing advanced research centers in this field and publishing significant scientific studies.

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