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University President Meets Prime Minister Briefing Key Developments
  • Monday, 22-01-2024

University President Meets Prime Minister Briefing Key Developments

President of Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie, Prof. Hussein Shanak, met with the Prime Minister, Dr. Mohammed Shtayyeh, at his office in Ramallah yesterday. The purpose of the meeting was to brief the Prime Minister on the university's efforts amidst current challenges, in addition to highlighting its achievements in both research and academia.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of ensuring the continuity of the educational process for our people through all available means. This is especially crucial in the face of the ongoing efforts of the occupation to destroy all aspects of life and resilience, underscoring the necessity for the state institutions and their personnel to continue fulfilling their mission to the best of their abilities.

Dr. Shtayyeh also highlighted the significance and role of Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie as a pioneering institution representing a model for quality technical education. The university strives to realize the government's vision in serving our people and aims to establish a prominent presence for Palestine in Arab and international academic arenas.

In turn, the University President commended the unlimited support of the Prime Minister for the university, enabling it to achieve its goals and aspirations. This support, particularly in empowering the university to adopt modern and technological scientific programs and specializations, enhances its role as a state university.

Prof. Shanak noted that the university has achieved significant accomplishments in terms of academic reputation, local and international rankings. Furthermore, it has established several modern scientific laboratories and initiated the establishment of a college for allied medical professions.

Additionally, Prof. Shanak pointed out that, due to its geographical location and in the face of continuous occupation aggression against our people, Kadoorie University is committed to continuing its educational services to its students using innovative and integrated methods, ensuring they derive maximum practical and theoretical benefit.

During the meeting, Prof. Shanak briefed the Prime Minister on the challenges facing the university, especially regarding the completion of infrastructure and financial achievements.