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Kadoorie Concludes Participation in Overcoming Challenges Conference
  • Thursday, 25-01-2024

Kadoorie Concludes Participation in Overcoming Challenges Conference

Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, represented by Dr. Ahmed Amar, Professor of Education and Cultural Studies at the university, concluded its participation in the Second International Conference 'Overcoming Challenges,' which was organized by the Arab Campaign for Education in collaboration with the Global Education Coalition and the Global Campaign for Education, amidst significant Arab educational participation.

The event was attended by representatives of Arab ministries of education, university presidents, research centers, as well as representatives of Arab educational coalitions and civil society organizations.

The conference commenced with a welcoming address by Dr. Ahmed Amar, the head of the conference's preparatory committee and assistant professor of education and cultural studies in Palestine, emphasizing that the conference spanned two days, January 17th and 18th, conducted through Zoom technology.

In an exceptional context, resonating with the echoes of war drums in Gaza and the wider Arab region, he expressed this sentiment by invoking the words of the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish: 'If they ask you about Gaza, tell them it has a martyr, tended to by a martyr, depicted by a martyr, bid farewell by a martyr, and prayed upon as a martyr.'

Amar also presented a research paper on the second day of the conference titled 'National Funding for Education: The Palestinian School Adoption Program as a Model.'

In this presentation, he discussed the reasons behind the announcement of the school adoption program by the Palestinian Ministry of Education, outlining the main objectives of the program and the mechanisms of adoption by individuals and institutions within and outside Palestine. He provided data and statistics on the outcomes of the adoption, highlighting various forms of support for Palestinian schools.