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Kadoorie University Organizes National Workshop for ICT4EDU Project
  • Friday, 17-05-2024

Kadoorie University Organizes National Workshop for ICT4EDU Project

Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie hosted a national workshop for Palestinian universities participating in the ICT4EDU project via Zoom.
The ICT4EDU project aims to enhance ICT skills among early childhood educators, improving kindergarten education in the Middle East and North Africa. Dr. Mahmoud Al-Jazzar, project director at Kadoorie, highlighted the importance of integrating ICT in teaching to ensure that newly graduated teachers are proficient in modern educational technologies, particularly for students with special needs.
Key participants included Kadoorie University President Prof. Hussein Shanak, Al-Istiqlal University President Prof. Nour Al-Din Abu Al-Rub, Dr. Ezzedine Al-Adwan from Palestine Technical College – Deir al-Balah, Erasmus Office Director in Palestine Prof. Abdul Karim Daraghmeh, and project coordinator from the University of Jordan, Prof. Ahmed Al-Salaimeh.
Prof. Shanak emphasized Kadoorie University's commitment to achieving excellence locally and internationally through development initiatives and collaborative efforts to advance Palestinian universities' standing.
Prof. Shanak expressed hope that the ICT4EDU project would enhance the quality and skills of ICT among early childhood educators in higher education institutions, thereby improving kindergarten education quality in the Middle East and North Africa.

Project director and coordinator from Kadoorie University, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Jazzar, stated that early childhood education is crucial for lifelong learning and foundational to a child's future success, emphasizing the need for teachers to integrate ICT into their daily teaching, replacing traditional methods with modern tools and facilities.
“This approach ensures that newly graduated teacher trainees can effectively use ICT in teaching, improving digital literacy for both teachers and students, especially those with special educational needs or disabilities,” he added.

Dr. Al-Jazzar highlighted that the ICT4EDU project is vital for shaping practices and influencing policies and curricula in schools and universities. It aims to integrate ICT teacher training to meet the needs of digitally savvy youth and children.

It is noteworthy that Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie has secured European funding for several projects, facilitated through collaboration with local and international universities, thanks to the efforts of project coordinators and the university’s Office of International Cooperation.