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Kadoorie University Visits Autism Rehabilitation Association
  • Thursday, 13-06-2024

Kadoorie University Visits Autism Rehabilitation Association

A delegation from Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, led by President Prof. Hussein Shanak, visited the Autism and Learning Disabilities Rehabilitation Association to strengthen community partnerships.

This visit aimed to enhance communication and partnerships between the university and community institutions, focusing on knowledge exchange and cooperative efforts for sustainable development.

The university team, including Dr. Raed Al-Qaroot, Dean of Development and Community Service, the Student Council President, and Youth Movement representatives, was welcomed by Association Chairman Mr. Ihsan Hattab, Secretary Mr. Wasim Abu Shams, and advisory board members.

Prof. Shanak praised the association's efforts in supporting children with developmental disorders and emphasized the need for collaboration between academic institutions and charitable organizations, stressing the university’s commitment to joint activities and programs.

The delegation toured the association’s therapeutic and rehabilitation centers, observing the services provided to children and the ongoing efforts to support them and their families.