Diploma of Sign Language

  • About

    Sign language is the only way to break through the walls of silence and get the deaf out of the isolation imposed on them. Use within many families with deaf people after Arabic and English.
    Sign language is a process of communication between deaf people and the rest of society, which is primarily based on the work and role of a qualified sign language interpreter as a communication bridge between deaf people and all members of society.
    The program aims to improve sign language and create a better cultural environment for deaf people and graduates. It contributes to opening broad horizons for learning and integration in all aspects of the life of the deaf, responding to the need for sign interpretation as a right for this group wherever they are.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    ‎•‎ Develop regulations that guarantee the integration of deaf graduates.‎
    ‎•‎ Cover the Palestinian labor market need for qualified sign language translators.‎
    ‎•‎ Cover the needs of the deaf community including institutions associations and schools for the ‎deaf.‎
    ‎•‎ Open new professional horizons for graduates to obtain a profession in the field of sign ‎translation.‎

  • Career Opportunities

    ‎•‎ Qualified interpreters in sign language to serve all segments of the deaf
    ‎•‎ Translators qualified to use sign language, especially in the judiciary, the Ministry of Education and ‎Higher Education, health sector institutions, social affairs, and the media.‎
    ‎•‎ Covering the needs of institutions, associations, and schools for the deaf
    ‎•‎ Opening new professional horizons for many students to obtain a profession in the field of ‎signifying translation, like the rest of the various academic and professional specializations, and to ‎pursue professional development in the field of signifying translation.‎

  • Campus

      • Ramallah.