PhD of Plant Pathology

  • About

    The Ph.D. program in plant pathology meets the needs of the agricultural sector in Palestinian society. It provides it with distinguished experts who have the necessary expertise in various aspects of plant diseases. The graduates will be able to perform their practical tasks in this field after obtaining the essential knowledge and expertise that qualifies them to diagnose diseases using modern scientific methods which will ensure the development of appropriate plans to overcome the problems of plant pests and reduce the use of chemical pesticides that are harmful to human health and the environment. This would increase the efficiency of agricultural production and maintain food security in Palestine through the production of disease-free crops.

  • Vision

    Promote innovation and excellence in the science of plant pathology and protection for the preparation of highly qualified agricultural specialists that meet labor needs. The program becomes one of the best programs at the level of agriculture colleges in Palestine.

  • Mission

    The program's mission is to improve plant health in natural and agricultural plants to ensure food security in the Palestinian and neighborhood region.

  • Justification

    • The program agrees with the Palestinian National Strategy in achieving human development and strengthening the role of higher education institutions in promoting scientific research in the field of agriculture.
    • The program will support the local market with a highly qualified specialist in the field of plant pathology.
    • To keep Palestine in pace with scientific development and provide highly qualified specialists to meet the needs of the local Palestinian community in academia, research, and agriculture extension.
    • To create suitable job opportunities for experts and specialists in higher education institutions and research organizations.
    • To facilitate higher education for Palestinian students by reducing the costs of traveling abroad.
    • To help Palestinian farmers reduce the costs of agricultural production.
    • To help the farms to achieve healthy food production free from chemical pesticides.

  • Objectives and Outcomes

    General Goals:
    • Support the Palestinian agriculture sectors with highly qualified experts in Plant Pathology and Crop protection.
    • Provide education and research experiences that help the graduates prepare for careers in academia industry and government.

    Specific Goals:
    • Encourage scientific research in the field of Plant Pathology to bridge the gap between academia and extension.
    • Develop appropriate plans for the prevention of plant pathogens and pests.
    • Gain the ability to plan programs to predict the infestation with pests and pathogens.
    • Design IPM programs to control pests and pathogens.
    • Keep up with the labor market requirements in the field of pest and pathogen control.
    • Develop graduate%27s performance to obtain the ability of continuous self-learning.
    • Help farmers reduce plant production costs by reducing the chemicals used to control plant pests and diseases.
    • Increase food production by reducing the losses caused by plant pathogens.

  • Career Opportunities

    • University staff members and research centers.
    • Ministry of Agriculture.
    • Private local national and international agriculture companies.
    • Join Local National and International NGOs.
    • Agriculture farms.
    • Managers of agriculture projects.
    • Consultancy of agriculture projects.
    • Pesticide factories.
    • Biocontrol agent production.
    • Establish own business in the field of plant pathology.

  • Campus

      • Tulkarem.