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  • Sunday, 13-03-2016

Kadoorie Participates in the 8th International Workshop on Advanced Materials in Nanotechnology

Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie presented by Dr.Isaac Mosa from the Faculty of Arts & Science,participated as a keynote speaker in the Eighth International Workshop on Advanced Materials in Nanotechnology held in UAE which was held on the 22th of February and lasted for four days.
The workshop was attended by many world experts in the field; among them was Dr, who participated by presenting a paper entitled "Raman investigation of optical phonons in ZnO nanorods". On his turn, he discussed a paper on the optical properties of some material such as optical emission and optical absorption and the potential application of such properties.
Dr. Mosa explained that his participation in the workshop comes in the context of the university orientations to participate in international events, especially in the field of scientific research. He also added that attending the workshop enabled him to meet up with reps of other universities such as the University of UAE and the Malaysiain University of Kebangsaan, in order to explore areas of collaboration and joint programs, especially in scientific research.