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  • Wednesday, 10-08-2016

A Delegation of Palestinian Canadian Students Visits Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie

The Vice President of Financial and Administration affairs at PTUK, Dr. Derar Elayyan received a delegation of Palestinian Canadian students to overview the results of the Israeli Apartheid wall and shooting range inside the campus of Kadoorie on the educational and academic life of the staff and the students.
During the visit, Dr.Elayyan welcomed the delegation and expressed the university's desire to raise awareness towards what is happening in Palestine and in Kadoorie University especially with regard to the Israel occupation’s recent violations and the shooting camp perched on campus.
Dr. Elayyancalled on the delegation to convey the true picture of what is happening to their colleagues at Canadian universities, institutions and society around them to globalize the Palestinian issue and the problems that higher education in Palestine faces as a result of restrictions imposed on mobility and the ongoing violations of the rights of both the students and teachers.
For their part the visiting delegation, which consisted of ten people, expressed their desire to carry out donation campaigns to support the University and the students in need.
The delegation also pointed out the possibility of partnerships for the establishment of joint programs between the University and Canadian universities and the possibility of promoting and encouraging students from different nationalities to participate in the summer school which the university plans to launch next year.