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Appeal to Humanity from Palestine Technical University Kadoorie
  • Sunday, 29-10-2023

Appeal to Humanity from Palestine Technical University Kadoorie

Palestine Technical University Kadoorie is reaching out to all academic institutions worldwide to support and demand an immediate stop to the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians on the hands of Israeli soldiers and settlers in the Gaza strip and the occupied West Bank.

On October 7th, 2023, Israeli military launched a full attack on the civilians in the Gaza Strip, a small area of Palestine which has been under siege for the last 15 years. Israeli military attacks by air, sea and ground with vicious fire power is continuing day and night since the seventh of October. they do not distinguish between children, women and the elderly. Homes are being demolished on top of their inhabitants while they are safely sleeping there without any prior warning. 50 percent of the civilian homes have been demolished. Their words and actions are no less than total genocide. Their military generals announce daily that the aim of the attacks around the o’clock are to revenge and kill as many people as possible. the accuracy of the bombing is not a factor. A government official calls Palestinians “human animals” deserving starvation and death.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health Latest Statistics, until this date, more than 7800 Palestinians were killed during Israel's ethnic cleansing war 3195 children 45%, 1860 women 20%, 414 elderly, 104 medical staff, 24 press staff, 127 educational staff,39 UN staff, 1950 missing adults, 940 missing children and 700 families were eradicated and completely wiped out from the civil registry. More than 18000 were injured 6000 children, 35% and 4500 women, 25%. ON AVERAGE 600 PALESTINIAN CIVILIANS ARE KILLED DAILY. Israel's collective punishment of the Palestinians include cutting off water supply, food, electricity, fuel, and medical aid supplies to 2.3 million people.
Threatening all medical facilities in Gaza to forcefully shut down and be evacuated, including children’s incubators, ER, OP, and dialysis machines, and forcing civilians to evacuate to southern Gaza towards Saina desert, which could be considered a second “Nakba-forced displacement from their homes.” To date over one million Palestinians have become displaced from their homes and taken refuge in united nations schools, hospitals or are just out in the open.

Israeli Air force s bombed the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital Baptist hospital, causing yet another human massacre, killing more than 500 Palestinians, primarily children and women. They destroyed academic institutions like the Islamic University of Gaza and Al-Azhar University, schools, churches, and mosques.

Israeli military raided and carried out many air strikes in the Palestinian refugee camps in the occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem, killing more than 100 Palestinians as a Retaliation to what’s happening in Gaza. Daily invasions of Palestinian cities in the occupied West Bank, destroying properties, Infrastructure, Roads, and camps, and detaining and arresting thousands of Palestinians. Palestinians receive messages from Israeli military threatening them if they do not leave to Jordan. Settlers are given free hand to attack Palestinian villages to kill people and destroy crops under the watchful eye of the Israeli military. Settlers take Palestinian land and prevent farmers from reaching their crops. Roads are closed in front of Palestinians and only settlers are allowed to use them. They impose an apartheid in front of the whole world.

Palestine Technical University Kadoorie is urging our colleagues, University presidents and rectors, and the academic institutions worldwide to support us in stopping the attacks of Israeli military and settlers on Palestinian civilians. Stop Israel's genocide. Stop Israel's ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. End 75 years of the Israeli military occupation. Stop the apartheid. We are counting on your humanity and moral responsibilities to call for an immediate cease fire and stop this injustice.

Administration of Palestine Technical University Kadoorie